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buy a book and feed the children 
25th-Aug-2008 01:55 pm
crazy john
A few days ago, I posted this entry about FISHStock here in Knoxville. Apparently, a couple people were inspired to charitable donation, and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside in a way usually reserved for rum.

Anyway, we've got about two and a half weeks left before the event, and I have decided to supplement my own planned donations.

Therefore, between today and September 11th, every copy of one of my books sold will add two dollars to my donation to FISH Hospitality Pantries. (That's about two thirds of my share of the sale price.) I will do this for both print copy purchases and download purchases.

So if you'd like something weirdly good to read and to make a difference for hungry poor people, I'm your man:

Strange Love
Notes on Falling out of Love
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